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Salsa Classes in Oklahoma City

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It's never too late to learn to dance Salsa

It's easy to fall in love with Salsa. The good news is you can learn to dance Salsa at any age. You don't need dance experience or a dance partner.


Ray Ray Salsa will teach you no matter what life stage or circumstance you're in. His approach to teaching is laid back with no pressure. We want our students to have an amazing experience that helps them unwind from their busy lives. 

Listen to the Ray Ray Salsa podcast episode on Spotify Learn How To Dance. Stop Believing The Lies


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Listen to the Ray Ray Salsa podcast on Spotify

Come for the dancing

Stay for the community

A curriculum that makes sense

Using the Black Belt Salsa curriculum, you'll learn Salsa dance fundamentals from the very bottom basics and then progress at your own pace through the levels in a systematic, logical approach.


Our curriculum teaches you the building blocks of Salsa. Think of them like Lego blocks. You can take the blocks and build countless dance patterns on the dance floor "on the fly". Your creativity will flourish, unlike the common approach to teaching Salsa where students learn a new pattern every week.


You will learn how to build your own dances, look great on the dance floor and make all your dance partners feel fabulous.


Salsa for everyday people

You want to dance Salsa in real world situations like at a dance club, a party, or a wedding, not "ballroom" style Salsa for performing or competing.


With Ray Ray Salsa you'll learn how to dance socially; no choreography steps to memorize. You'll learn how to actually dance Salsa in everyday settings with everyday people.


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